Summer League Registration Now OPEN!

Summer Is Here!

CCSL Summer League is back! But this time things are different! This time the #KingsOfSummer will have to prove their worth in every match!

CCSL Summer League will now have 32 teams, playing in 4 groups on each night. The top 2 from each group will go through to the Cup! Where knock out rounds will go on to decide who are the #KingsOfSummer! Third and Fourth place will advance through to the Plate, and knock out rounds will decide the #SummerPlate winners!

Every match counts though! Even if you are knocked out of the Cup or Plate, teams will have plays-off matches to decide your final Summer League ranking!

Registration is now open, and with limited spaces it will fill up fast! Download the application form from the link below, fill it out and send it back to

September/October 3G leagues

Monday night

Congratulations to Murder on Zidane’s Floor who have managed to win the league at the first attempt. This hasn’t often happened before and it will probably annoy a lot of the teams who have come close a lot of times and still never managed it! A special mention to Bromley Heath Veterans who managed to get 2nd spot (albeit relying on other results going in their favour). It was of course helped by Workout Bristol not turning up.


Tuesday night

Congratulations to Belly & Ribs FC who managed to battle to a draw with 2nd placed Las Nuevas Maradonas to hold onto top spot. One more goal from Las Nuevas Maradonas and the table would have looked very different indeed! Both teams are yet to pick up their trophies.


Wednesday night

Final Winners and Runners Up are yet to be decided