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Monday Night League January

1Medics St Petersbug761034112319
2Latinos FC73312291312
3Fit Tank FC73222624211
4Sweg FC73221822-411
5Ochos Locos72412114710
6Calcio Ashton72231921-28
7Ashley FC71151729-124

Monday Night League March

1SWEG FC330011659
2Athletico Geography312010555
3Calcio Ashton31209725
4Medics St Petersbug31119814
5Ochos Locos31029903
6Unknown FC3102811-33
7Turkish Deloitte3102412-83
8Porto Cabin301257-21

Wednesday Night League January

1Gareth Bale FC76102652119
2Imperial Storm750226161015
3Liquid Partridge74031820-212
4Dark Horses73222215711
5Thatcher Fc73132015510
6Athletico Geography72321519-49
7N I Y M Forest71151528-134
8Unknown FC7007838-300

Wednesday Night League March

1Gbenga Boys21104314
2Imperial Storm210110733
3Murder On Zidanes Floor21015503
3N I Y M F21015503
5Dark Horses21013303
6Ashley FC210167-13
7Thatcher Fc210146-23
8Liquid Partridge201134-11

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